Enrollment Fee

The annual enrollment fee is $200, payable by cash, check, money order, or debit/credit through our online store (with a convenience fee).

Uniform Cost

Uniforms are supplied by the unit and remain the property of the unit. The uniforms can be exchanged as growth occurs, but all items must be kept in good condition and returned as requested. There is a uniform fee of $100.  

Training Cost

Summer and Winter training evolutions have a registration fee. The registration fees range from $150- $225 for each evolution, although some more extensive training evolutions may have a higher cost. This cost is not included in the enrollment fee at this time. Fundraising can help offset/eliminate this cost.

Parent Volunteer

We believe that the success of our cadets is directly related to the involvement of our parents and volunteers. Our program is supported and operated solely by volunteers. We ask that parents contribute at least 15 hours of volunteer time annually. There are numerous opportunities to easily fulfill this requirement such as carpooling, assisting with lunch during drill sessions, assisting with a fundraising or unit event, and many more. While we know that each parent would love to help out, life doesn't always allow it which is why we require a $100 volunteer time deposit at the beginning of each enrollment period. The check will not be deposited unless the hours have not been completed. If you are unable to complete the hours and you know in advance, please let us know and we will deposit the check and document accordingly.

Renewal Fee

The annual renewal fee discount is $150 payable by cash, check, money order or debit/credit through our online store ( with a convenience fee).

As a continuing member in good standing, the annual enrollment fee is discounted. If the following criteria is not met, the full enrollment fee will be required.

Definition of Good Standing

  1. 75% Attendance for the previous year
  2. Completion of correspondence courses and advancement within established time frames
  3. Meets minimum GPA of 2.5

United states Naval Sea Cadet Corps

San Joaquin County Division & Training Ship Seawolf